Campmaster Corps

Campmasters are a group of Scouters who volunteer to serve at Quail Hill Scout Reservation and Forestburg Scout Reservation whenever troops, packs, crews, or outside groups are using any part of the camp property.  They serve from September through June.  Help is especially needed at Forestburg from January to March when the camp is full almost every weekend.  Campmasters select their own time and frequency of service.  They generally serve one to three weekends a year on prearranged dates.  The group is organized under the leadership of district coordinators and a council Campmaster coordinator.

The Campmaster Corps meets twice a year, in September and March, to review procedures, schedule weekends, and train new members.  Check the Monmouth Council calendar for the meeting dates.

All Campmasters should have a record of demonstrated ability to get along with people, to lead, and to act in an emergency.   All Campmasters should have a working knowledge of the  Monmouth Council Guide to Short Term Camping, the Guide to Safe Scouting, and Youth Protection Guidelines.   All registered Scouters, men and women alike, are eligible for consideration as a Campmaster.

General Duties of Campmasters

  1. These principles will serve to guide the work of campmasters.
  2. Each weekend, two to four campmasters serve the units in camp.   At QHSR they stay in the Lass Program Center, which serves as camp headquarters. At FSR they have the option of staying in Thecker Lodge (Welcome Center), the Nurses Quarters or the apartment next to the nurses Quarters in the health lodge.
  3. Campmasters render “commissioner-type” service to the units in camp, working with and through the youth and adult leaders.
  4. An annual schedule is made up with campmasters assigned for each weekend camp is open.   In case of schedule conflicts, the campmaster works with the district coordinator to arrange for a replacement among other corps members.
  5. Campmasters supply their own transportation, linens, and meals.   Every group using any camp facility or building must leave it clean and in order.
  6. Campmasters complete a check-in form at the units assigned tent site, lodge, or activity area upon their arrival in camp.   Both the unit leader and campmaster sign the form.   When the unit is ready to leave camp, the campmaster completes the checkout portion of the form and signs it along with the unit leader.
  7. Campmasters collect all outstanding fees not collected at the Council Service Center.
  8. Campmasters will act as the quartermaster making camping and program equipment available to units as needed.  Campmasters also operate the trading posts at each camp from September through June.
  9. Campmasters ensure that all individuals utilizing camp property adhere to all of the policies and procedures set forth in the Monmouth Council Guide to Short Term Camping, the Guide to Save Scouting, the Youth Protection Guidelines, and all other council and national BSA policies.
  10. Campmasters must live up to the basic principles of scouting and lead by example at all times.
  11. Campmasters promote the use of Monmouth Council properties for both summer programs and year-round use.
  12. Campmasters generally serve one to three weekends a year.  Monmouth Council welcomes any service that can be offered.
  13. Campmasters are responsible to the camp ranger and do have a representative on the Council Camping Committee.
  14. Campmasters submit a report of weekend activity to the ranger who turns that report into the Council Service Center.

 Campmaster Recognition

Monmouth Council has a program to recognize the important service a Campmaster provides:

  • Name tag, patch & hat: Serve 3 weekends and attend 1 orientation meeting.
  • Jacket: Serve 6 weekends, attend 2 orientation meetings and have 2 years minimum tenure as a Campmaster.
  • Hour Patches: 300, 500, 1000 hours.  Each weekend counts as 48 hours.

To Sign Up:

For more information or to sign up to become a Campmaster please contact your District Coordinator:

  • Ed Semple, Twin Lights District Campmaster Coordinator – 732-872-7667; Email Ed
  • Doug Eichhorn, Thunderbird District Campmaster Coordinator – 732-776-8641; Email Doug
  • Mitch Halpern, Battleground District Campmaster Coordinator – 732-462-1582
  • Doug Eichhorn, Monmouth Council Campmaster Coordinator – 732-774-8641; Email Doug

For questions about volunteering at FSR please contact Gary Du Bois – 732-865-0378; Email Gary