Awards and Recognition Committee

The Monmouth Council Awards and Recognition Committee is responsible for selecting adult scouters to be presented with the various awards and recognition for distinguished or outstanding volunteer service to the youth of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties.

See a list of Monmouth Council’s Silver Buffalo, Silver Antelope, and Silver Beaver recipients.

The nomination forms for each of those award will be available on this website in early January of each year. Nominations for most council level awards will be due in late April of each year. Each nomination form will include the guidelines for the nominator, as well as the deadline for the nomination.

Take the BSA Awards list in your pocket with the BSA Square Knots Android app.

Award Information

Award Nomination Forms

Eagle Scout Awards

For a complete list of awards for leaders, commissioners, units and volunteers, go to BSA Awards Central.

New Award Information

The release of a new square knot is always cause for celebration. But one square knot that combines five different awards? It’s party time.

Square knots, which are primarily earned by adults, recognize an individual’s service and commitment to Scouting. There are more than 30 different knots recognizing leaders in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing and Sea Scouting.

The new Scouting Service Award recognizes adult volunteers who have earned one of five different awards, each celebrating a leader’s dedication to a special segment of Scouting.

The new knot recognizes Scouters who have earned one of these five awards:

  • Asian American Spirit of Scouting Service Award*
  • ¡Scouting…Vale la Pena! Service Award*
  • Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award*
  • American Indian Scouting Association Grey Wolf Award
  • Special Needs Scouting Service Award

Each of the awards marked with a * above currently has its own square knot. But once supplies of those knots run out, the new Scouting Service Award knot will be used to recognize recipients.

The Scouting Service Award knot has khaki and white loops on a black background with a yellow-and-red border. You can purchase the $1.99 knot by bringing proper documentation to your local Scout shop.

How to earn the Scouting Service Award

There aren’t really any requirements for the Scouting Service Award. The knot is presented to recognize Scouters who earn one of the five awards listed above — each of which has its own special set of requirements that I link to below.

Each award has other recognition items — some combination of a certificate, letter, plaque, ribbon, lapel pin and medal — but the square knot is the item honorees can wear on their uniform.

The knot goes on the official field uniform (informally known as the “Class A”). Like all square knots, it’s worn over the left pocket, as seen from the wearer’s perspective.

Line them up in rows of three in any order you choose. Typically, the knot you deem most important is worn on the bottom row on your right, but that’s your call. If your knot total isn’t divisible by three — aka you have a row of one or two knots — you can either center them in the row or keep them aligned to your right. The latter method means you won’t have to re-sew those knots if you get a new one.

Notice how one loop on the square knot appears to be on top of the other? The knot should be oriented so that the top loop is on the wearer’s right.

Learn more about square knots and how to wear them in this post.

Details about the five qualifying awards

  • Asian American Spirit of Scouting Service Award: Honors an adult or an organization for bringing Scouting opportunities to Asian-American youth. Learn more here.
  • ¡Scouting…Vale la Pena! Service Award: Honors an adult or an organization for bringing Scouting opportunities to Hispanic/Latino youth. Learn more here.
  • Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award: Honors an adult or an organization for bringing Scouting opportunities to youth from rural or low-income urban backgrounds. Learn more here.
  • American Indian Scouting Association Grey Wolf Award: Honors an adult for bringing Scouting opportunities to American Indian youth. Learn more here.
  • Special Needs Scouting Service Award: Honors an adult (volunteer or professional) for bringing Scouting opportunities to Scouts with special needs. The nomination form and award requirements are still being developed and will be available soon.

If there are any questions about any adult Scouter awards you can contact the Chairman of the Committee, Bill Mollica.

Battleground Annual Recognition Night — June 1

Battleground Annual Recognition Night

Thursday, June 2nd 6:00 pm

Quail Hill Scout Reservation – Lawrence Lodge
56 La Valley Dr, Manalapan Township NJ

Our volunteers work hard all year spending countless hours preparing, teaching our sons skills, and instilling values. Now is our chance to show them how much we appreciate them, and enjoy an evening together.

Come out and celebrate with your fellow District members as we hand out multiple awards  including the District Award of Merit to this year’s honorees, Ray Gloede and Todd Columbia.

Registrations are only $10 per person through Tentaroo.
Event  can be found under Event Type  BG Annual Recognition Night, June 2017

Please sign up in advance so we can plan accordingly.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Priscilla Borges

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2017 Council Annual Recognition Dinner


silver beaver
Reserve your seat now for the Council Annual Recognition Dinner!

June 8th
South Gate Manor
260 South St. (Rt. 79 South)
Freehold, NJ

Annual Business Meeting starts at 6:00 PM.
Fellowship Hour with hors d’oeuvres and cash bar starts at 6:30 PM.
Dinner starts at 7:00 PM followed by the Council Awards Ceremony.

2017 Council Dinner flyer w beavers

Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:
Silver Beaver Award
Don Antenucci
Gerard Bolger
Drew Kimberlin
Peter Grasso
Donald Sterner Award
Gerald V. Ceres

William Spurgeon Award
Sgt. Andrew Goldberg – Marlboro TWP Police Department
CenterState Medical Center
Venturing Leadership Award
Dorothy Speers – Crew 85 Youth
Larry Fink – Crew Advisor, Monmouth Council (Adult)

Council Alumnus
Robert Smith

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