Training Committee

Your Monmouth Council Training Committee exists to help you. We provide training resources that will enable you to provide an effective and high-quality Scouting program for your youth members. Our job is not just running training courses, though. Our job is training leaders. Every youth member deserves a trained leader!

The training programs described on this website provide an opportunity for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing units to develop new leaders, enhance the skills of veteran leaders, and provide up-to-date information relating to the Scouting program. There’s even something for our district- and council-level Scouters.

Members of the Monmouth Council Training Committee
Chairman Kenneth Alan Bonnell
Council Representative Stephanie Billings
Battleground District Representative Mitch Mellin
Middlesex District Representative Vacant
Thunderbird District Representative Kathy Fleming
Twin Lights District Representative Sandy Byard
Youth Protection Champion Peter Grasso
Instructor Bill Bishop
Instructor Denis Longo
Instructor Denise Halpin
Instructor Dennis Reinknecht
Instructor Don Antenucci
Instructor Ed Semple
Instructor Fred Stringer
Instructor Jerry Ceres
Instructor Joan M Wyman
Instructor John Cavanaugh
Instructor Kathleen Picciano
Instructor Kathy Fleming
Instructor Kevin Sweetnam
Instructor Lori Zinnerman
Instructor Matt Gallager
Instructor Mitchell Mellin
Instructor Philip Crichton
Instructor Sandy-Matthew Reisig
Instructor Sandy Byard
Instructor Todd Columbia
Instructor Tom Bogart
Instructor Mike Wyman